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October Gallery has presented the Philadelphia International Art Expo since 1985.
This event, now in its 33nd  year, from 1998 to 2010 was the nation’s largest African American Art expo during what Larry “Poncho” Brown calls “The Golden Age of African American Art. Video Seminar click here

Now, the Expo is held online right here everyday at Phillyartexpo.com.
In addition every October we have Expo Days. This is fast becoming one of the best two days of the year for buying and selling African American art.

As a patron one can experience art from about 150 artists from 45 states
and eight countries. These artisans exhibit their paintings, sculptures, jewelry
and crafts here at The Philadelphia International Art Expo.
“Connecting People With Art,” is the theme for Expo.

Sell your art or art related products.
Access a massive audience of confident clients and customers.
October Gallery has thousands and thousands of monthly unique visitors.
Benefit from an art brand that been in business for over 33 years.

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Read Our Book Online – Connecting People with Art
502 pages of Contemporary African American Art
Read the Expo story. 

Read Our Book Online – Connecting People with Art
This publication is over 500 pages.
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Andrew Turner Book His Life
and His Art

Andrew Turner was one of Philadelphia’s most prominent artists. His paintings depicting inner-city life and musical themes are sought by collectors nationwide. His style was distinctive. His flair for artistic conception and creation second to none. Andrew Turner 1944-2001.

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