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Black and White Coloring Book
Eight page booklet 6″ x 9″
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Black and White Coloring Book.
Eight page booklet 6″ x 9″


The booklet is designed to be used with a No.2 pencil to create fabulous black and white masterpieces. Black and white subject matters have always been well received and appreciated because of their climactic lighting, slight shadows and areas of enormous contrast. If you prefer color – go for it!

Black and white subjects enable the viewer to appreciate the nuance of a piece of art and how an artist obtains shapes using tones rather than depending on colors.

There are several tips in the booklet to assist with your drawing process.

TIP#1: Start light. Easy to go from light to dark, than dark to light.

TIP#2: Have the right amount of contrast. Light next to dark.

TIP#3: Use different shading techniques hatching, cross-hatching, circles, dots, etc.

In addition there are short artist’s bios in the booklet.

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