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Part of the proceeds from the sale of art and art related items through this link The Achievement Foundation link will go to our organization, which is the charitable arm affiliated with Kappa Alpha Psi-Philadelphia Alumni Chapter. Help us provide goods and services to the communities we serve. Thank you for your support. Buy with confidence October Gallery has been Connecting People with Art since 1985. Check out our reviews below.

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The Achievement Foundation

For more than 100 Years, Kappa Men have been achieving in all fields of human endeavor in South Eastern Pennsylvania

Perhaps no other city in post-colonial America afforded Negroes as much social, economic, and political opportunity as Philadelphia [PA]. In the 50 years following the American Revolution, the city was home to the largest concentration of free Negroes in the North. As the 19th century progressed, it became obvious white citizens of the City of Brotherly Love would accept Negroes only on certain terms. The growing immigrant population of the city forced Negroes out of the skilled professions and hindered their chances at employment in the emerging industrial economy. Many Negroes adjusted to this change by excelling in the service sector. Catering was one of the fields where Negroes distinguished themselves.

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