The Turnaround by Deborah Kelly


220 pages  5.25″ x 8″ Paperback book.


The Turnaround: Parenting Tips For Improving Your Child’s Academic Success: How to Make Your Child Smarter, Learning-Ready and Nonviolent 

The steady decline in student academic performance, self-esteem, personal responsibility, and graduation rate inspired certified parenting educator Deborah L. Kelly, MEd, CPE, to uncover the cause and to discover remedies. Investigating back through her years of teaching, parenting, and interacting with other parents, provided the insight she needed to create this recipe for parents to use in the home to support their students’ success in life. Environment, otherwise known as “nurture,” plays the greatest role in the cause-and-effect relationship between children and their propensity to reach their academic potential. Her analysis reveals that the key to improving students’ performance at school is the creation of a family home environment that encourages learning and curiosity about the world.

This guide serves to help parents do just that. It provides twenty-six tips for a lifestyle conducive to producing a capable, responsible, nonviolent, healthy child who is eager and willing to learn. Covering various stages of development, from birth to high school graduation, this concise list will be a constant companion, ready to give expert parenting ideas, advice, and strategies for improving and maintaining your entire family’s well-being.

So dive in as a family, and enjoy the journey toward academic success!

About the Author

Deborah L. Kelly, MEd, CPE, is a retired educator who has taught high school business subjects as well as pedagogy to other teachers. Her experience also includes working with elementary school students, government workers, and students with emotional challenges. Deborah has written articles for neighborhood newsletters to encourage and guide parents on preventing student-learning stagnation, and she has facilitated multiple workshops for parents as well as employment-readiness classes for unemployed and homeless men.

Deborah earned her bachelor’s degree and master’s of education degree at Temple University and received her Certified Parenting Educator Certificate from PREN. The Temple University Business Department presented her with the Frances B. Bowers Award, and she was also listed in Who’s Who Among American Teachers in 2005.


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