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Access a massive audience of confident clients and customers. October Gallery has thousands and thousands of monthly unique visitors.  Benefit from an art brand that has been in business for over 34 years.

Before you set up your account decide what you want to sell. More than 20 product categories are open to all sellers. More will be added at a later date. Categories are listed in the drop down window in the upper right hand corner of this site.

This is a marketplace with independent stores. It is also ideal for individuals and businesses that wish to sell one, two or hundreds of items. We have many clients that purchased art from us over the years. Now they wish to sell pieces of art from their collection. Well, this is the place to do so. Register ( click My Account)  and start listing. Create your account . Every seller gets their own store, that they control, with a unique URL and branding. Each store has its own backroom screen to track sales, shipping, views, etc. Each vendor has a beautiful storefront with photos, banners, contact details and widgets click here for examples.

Once you have registered and setup your store, selling is a simple process. List your products and start selling. After you post your items customers can see them on our site. Make certain that all the information about your products are accurate and complete with high-quality product images. We offer coupons, discounted items, free giveaways and more to attract interested clients to this site and to your store. You, as a vendor, should post links to your store on Facebook, Instagram, Emails, etc. to bring traffic to your products.

When an item sells from your store you’ll receive a notice. Ship the product to your customer. On this site shipping is free for orders over $50. Under $50 flat rate shipping of $10.


Your store has 5 or less products – $10 per month  (we’ll invoice you).
Your store has 6 to 12 products – $20 per month (we’ll invoice you).
Your store has over 12 products – $39 per month (we’ll invoice you).
Your store with our Silver Marketing Package – $50 per month
PLUS: 10% of all sales.

Silver Marketing Package includes posting some of your products on our Instagram, Facebook, News Media, Ebay and October Gallery sites. This package also includes a listing in some of our email blasts and some marketing items such as business cards, postcards and posters to promote your business.

Email blast example click here

National banner ad example (Atlanta) click here – keep refreshing page until you see our banner top of page.

National banner ad example (Chicago) click here – keep refreshing page until you see our banner top of page.

National banner ad example (Rank Tribe) click here – keep refreshing page until you see our banner top of page.

Print and newspaper ad example with artist/store name

Gold Marketing Package ($100 per month) includes all listed in the Silver package plus inclusion in our print, online banner and radio campaigns when available.

You can set up your own store. It’s easy, fast and free to setup. If you would like for us to get you setup there is a $75 setup fee.

When a sale is made all funds are deposited into a Philly Art Expo account. We will deposit payments (less 10% of sales) into your PayPal account or bank account after the customer has confirmed that they have received their product(s). Funds will be withheld (and returned to customer) if orders are not full filled properly or there are customer complaints.

Sellers can advertise their store and products on this marketplace and be listed in our email blast for a fee. Contact for details.

We reserve the right to eliminate any product or item that we deem offensive and not is good taste. Stores that are inactive for a prolong time, performing in an unacceptable fashion, not processing or full filling orders will be considered for termination by us.

Also, we encourage all customers to pay and communicate through Philly Art Expo. This helps ensure that they are protected from misrepresentations, non fulfillment of orders, cancellations, refund policies and privacy issues. It also makes it easy to find and reference important details concerning their transaction. Philly Art Expo can’t provide these benefits to the customer if their transaction isn’t completed and paid for directly through Philly Art Expo and our PayPal Protection System.

Philly Art Expo and October Gallery since 1985.

Questions / Comments  215-352-3114 or contact us.

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TV News Coverage Philadelphia Art Expo in Years Past

October Gallery presents the Philadelphia International Art Expo in October of every year. This event, now in its 34th  year, from 1998 to 2010 was the nation’s largest African American Art Expo. Today, Expo is online all year and at the art gallery in October – much smaller, but just as exciting.


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