Claude Clark: Caribbean Playground HAND SIGNED PRINT


This Print is a HAND SIGNED by Mr. Clark.



La Pearl (the pearl) was a slum area in the shadow of the capitol city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 1950, the elder Clark was in San Juan visiting a couple of artists whom he had known in Philadelphia. They headed a graphic ‘arts and audio-visual department in the excellent education division. That summer a Yale drama student from Puerto Rico has making plans to shoot a-documentary-film of The Pearl community. He invited Clark to observe with him at the entrance of The Pearl just off the highway, there was a semi-circular place before groups of shacks there were no streets. The houses here on five foot poles. Clark and his friend wandered under the houses among the pigs, skinny chickens and dogs until they could see ocean spray. The father and son supervised color separations and printing. Four color ink photo-offset lithography was done by Golden Gate Litho. All printed posters were printed on high quality archival paper. Size is 20 X 24 inches

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